Want to get your workplace healthy? Here are a few ways you can do it!

  • Promote the Dig In Challenge around your office and encourage staff members to sign up
  • Host a Dig In Challenge workshop at your office (available on request! See below for workshop topics)
  • Engage in some friendly competition – get your entire office involved to see how many activities everyone can do in July 2014, earn points, and win prizes!
  • Try any of the Dig In Challenge activities, such as only purchasing fair trade coffee, starting a composting program, or having a local food lunch once a week through Soup Bee or another local food provider
  • Sponsor the Dig In Challenge
  • YOU tell us!

Workshops available to be hosted at your organization include:

1) Eating Healthy: Home & Office Ideas

2) Eating Healthy ADVANCED: Food Preservation Techniques

3) Reducing Food Waste in the Home and in the Office

4) Planning Your Edible Garden

5) Getting Involved with Local Food Organizations in Your Community

Encourage your staff to sign up for the 2014 Dig In Challenge

As an organization or business, you have the capacity to engage your entire office in learning more about and choosing healthy, local, sustainable, and fair food options. The Dig In Challenge is your resource to see your ideas through and make food fun for everyone! It all begins in March 2014.

Register your organization in the Dig In Challenge by emailing (please use the subject line “Dig In for Workplaces:).

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