The Challenge

Dig In Challenge 2014: Eating healthy, local food has never been so easy.

From March to June, participate in free public events and check out articles and recipes here at to learn new food skills that matter to you!

In July, take the skills you’ve learned in the first four months and start incorporating them into your everyday life. Track your activities throughout the month of July (more information on this coming soon) to win points! The household with the MOST POINTS at the end of July will win the GRAND PRIZE (TBA).

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Winnipeg workshop

Want to get your WORKPLACE healthy, too?

We offer six different workshops to take place right in the comfort of your workplace! These 45-minute workshops will provide you with the practical tips and take-home resources you need to make healthy eating a snap both at the office and in the home.

Workshops are available year-round for $100 per session, and include the following topics:

1)      Eating Healthy: Home & Office Ideas

2)      Eating Healthy ADVANCED: Food Security Programs & Homegrown Food

3)      Creative Kitchens: Nutritious Recipes & Menu Planning

4)      Creative Kitchens ADVANCED: Preserving Foods

5)      Planning Your Edible Garden

6)      Getting Involved with Local Food Organizations in Your Community

The workplace whose staff members collectively accumulate the most points throughout the month of July will also win a GRAND PRIZE (TBA).

Contact or 204-943-0822 for more information and to arrange a date for your workplace workshop today!

chopping parsley

For more information on the 2014 Dig In Challenge, please check out the following webpages:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Forum (this is the place to ask questions of other Dig In participants, share your food knowledge, and track your activities!)
  • Pledge Activities (ideas for how to get active with healthy, local, sustainable and fair food)
  • Workshops (a calendar of food workshops and events taking place across Manitoba)
  • Prizes (freebies you can WIN by participating in the Dig In Challenge)
  • Partners (a list of all the great organizations we worked with to make the 2014 Dig In Challenge a reality)
  • Participants (a list of all of the members of our Dig In community)